Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

Promotion video

It seems like during my stays abroad, I always end up in some kind of public video somehow. Remember my appearance on TV in Taiwan? Yesterday I was asked to participate at a promotion video for the “Right to Development” organised by the Right to Development Section of the Research and Right to Development Division from the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). So I went to the Palais des Nations (UN) building during lunch time, which is about 10 min by walk from ILO and found myself in a professional film-studio in the basement. They even flew in a filming director from London for this! So then I was standing in the spotlight, facing two cameras (one in the front and one from the side) looking at a huge amount of DinA4 papers lying on the floor right in front of me, each printed with a phrase. My task was to memorise each phrase and recite it freely in the camera. You cannot imagine how hard it is to memorise one single line!! You read the paper, memorise, look in the camera – and your brain is blank. Unbelievable! But somehow I managed to perform all phrases through and now I just have to wait and see, if they are going to cut me out completely, or if I will be seen in this video for a couple of seconds ;-). The concept is that each actor / actress gets to say one line. So, if I’m lucky, I get to say one, too. The video will be online sometime in September. I will keep you updated!

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