Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Task given

Today my supervisor Mrs. S. finally told me my task for the next three months. I will be continuing the work of my pre-predecessor - greetings Johannes! ;-) - and will research the differences between company forms in the UK and USA to finally draw a comparison to cooperatives - since I am in the cooperative branch of the Job Creation and Enterprise Development Department. So I will be doing a lot of reading the next few days... Still, this whole working routine feels like holiday to me, compared to the bar exam! It's really nice to go to work everyday to meet lots of nice people, speak different languages, living in a wonderful city and having a nice summer. And they give me all the freedom I need ;-) I can come and go to work whenever I like (as long as I work 40 h per week) and my supervisor is also very very understanding and nice. She also offered me to attend as many UN events and visit as many UN organizations as possible. This is an offer I will definetely accept. Since I like to come early and leave early, I decided to start work at 8 a.m. - take an one hour lunch break - and finish around 5 p.m.. This way, I still can go grocery shopping afterwards, before the shops here close at 7 p.m..

Concerning a life time job at an UN organization, I had a really disenchanting talk with Mrs. S.. It's really really hard to get a real job at an UN organization anyway. And if you get in, you only get terminated contracts - if you are lucky, it will be for one year. So you never know, when you'll be unemployed - and it actually really happens quite often. You have an initial salary of around 4000 €. But in Geneva, it's really not that much. To make a career at this organization you have to at least serve 2 to 3 years of field experience. That means that you have to go to Kongo - for an example - to sit at a refugee camp and give out food. And this jobs are not family bound, which means, you are not allowed to take your family with you - or at least you take them at your own risk. And all this hardship just for a job, where you spend your whole life writing reports after another... Mrs. S. also told me that in international comparison I am almost too old to be competitive and I most likely speak too few languages and have too little international working experience to have a real chance.

puh... oh well... still. I gonna enjoy my time here right now and see it as a (maybe) experience of a lifetime ;-)!

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