Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Nyon and UN drinks

I know, I know, I am kinda behind with my blog entries. But usually after work, I am sooo tired! Don't know really why I get so tired, since the only thing I do is stare at the computer screen all day long.

Last Thursday my college Julie spontaniously asked me during work, if I'd like to go to Nyon after work. And I spontaniously said "yes". So Julie, Rita (a girl from Lithuania) and me jumped into the train right after work and reached Nyon only 15 min. after. We bought some snacks at the supermarket and sat right beside the lake. Soooo nice!! That's life, I'm telling you! I wish, I could have an apartment here someday, with a nice balcony and a view on the lake. It is really nice to live right beside the water. It's such a pitty, you cannot capture the real beauty of the scenery with camera. But I tried...

way towards the lake...

you already can see it in the back...

and look, what we've found...

way to the castle...

there it is!

garden infront of the castle.

view from the castle.

going downhill from the castle.

getting ready for UN-drinks ;-)

After getting back to Geneva, we went straight to UN drinks. Its a weekly meeting of UN interns at some bar or restaurant in Geneva to get to know each other and have some drinks. It's quite fun.

On the way home, Anna showed me this amazing marketplace which has lit up pavement stones with phrases on them in all kinds of languages.

Anna found one in Russian...

I found one in Chinese... So, see you tomorrow! ;-)

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