Sonntag, 3. Juli 2011

Trip to Mont Blanc

Yesterday, around half past eleven at night, this idea hit me: tomorrow I have to go to Mont Blanc! I really don't know, what's up with this crazy ideas I have from time to time, but they come out of nowhere and become an obsession I have to follow. There's no way out of it - kind of out of my control.

So I got up at 5 a.m. and went to the train station by foot (ca. 15 min. walk), seeing lots of party people strolling home. The round-trip ticket to Chamonix Mont Blanc cost me 114 € - soooo expensive! There are busses leaving from the Geneva airport, which cost 55 €, but of course, for me it was too late to book one of those. And in the end, it was good for me to choose the train. 'Cause the train (especially the Mont Blanc Express) takes 3 1/2 hours to get to the destination and leads you through really amazing scenery. You wouldn't have that with the bus, which takes about 1 hour and drives the highway. My advise for those, who want to visit Chamonix from Geneva is, to buy a one way train ticket and a one way bus ticket (33 €) for the ride home.

Here are some pics from the train ride:

After arriving to Chamonix, I went straight to the cable car to Aiguille Midi. In Chamonix you'll find a bunch of gondolas, busses, cable cars etc., which bring you to all kinds of interesting touristic sights. But, if you wanna see the M.B., you gotta take the cable car to Aiguille Midi. A round-trip ticket costs 42,50 € and another 3 € for the last elevator, which brings you to the very top (again, very expensive - but worth the money). You have the option to take another gondola from the top of the A.M. to drive further to the italian side and back. This costs around 66 €, but the lady at the infobox told me, that the view on the M.B. is not much different to the view you have with the cheaper ticket.

On my way to the cable car station I bought a sandwich and a Quiche Lorraine, since it was the only thing that was not too expensive. But I really can't recommend to do the same, since on the sandwich was too much butter and the quiche was too oily also. Don't forget to bring your own food! I would have done so, if I would have had a little bit more time to prepare... Originally I wanted to buy an apple, but you have to pay 4 € for one (unbelievable!).

The cable car ride takes about 30 min (one way) and you have to change once at the middle station. You can spent as much time, as you like on top of the mountain - and I have no words, how breathtaking the view is. And I couldn't have been luckier with the weather!

So here some pics:

Mont Blanc seen from Chamonix


lots of people actually climbing up the mountain...

Here Mont Blanc from the distance on my way back home.

I got back to Geneva at 5 p.m. - totally exhausted. You really feel dizzy on top of the mountain and you always have the feeling of tripping. And my eyes kind of hurt, too. I guess my sunglasses were not good enough for the strong mountain sunlight. So first thing at home, I took a really hot relaxing bath! That's what I love about this accomondation - they even have bathtubs for free usage. A good way to end a very eventful and beautiful day!

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