Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Curry in Machilly

On Thursday, after work, my indian friend Deepti invited me to her home. She's an intern at ILO, too, but she lives in Machilly, France. The rent is much cheeper there, but the downside of it is that you almost need an hour to get to work.

Machilly is really pretty, but it's really in the middle of nowhere also. If you like countrysides, it's the perfect place for you. But, as I said, here you get more space for less money. Deepti lives with a French family, who is subletting a room.

Look, how nice the place looks:

The view on the lake of Geneva from France.

living room

the garden

First, we had real indian chai-tea:

And Deepti cooked me some real indish tomato-curry with eggs.

Hmmmm.... sooooo yummy! I really really loved the taste of the spices, and the self made indian bread was delicious, too! I hope, she makes me some more curry during my time in Geneva and teaches me how to cook them. I really need this recipe!!

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