Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

First day at work

Life is so much fun right now!

Geneva's slogan: "POST TENEBRAS LUX", which means "after darkness comes light" fits so perfect to my situation ;-)

Yesterday, I had my fist day of work. I arrived at the ILO way too early, so I headed to the cafeteria first, to have a nice cup of coffee in the sun. Afterwards I had the welcoming session for us freshly starting interns at 10 a.m.. This time, we are twelve interns from all over the world. But the ILO has around 600 interns per year.

I quickly made friends with Dipty, a girl from India, and Anna, a girl from Armenia. After looking at an introduction video about the ILO, the presidents of the ILO Internboard (an association consisting of and working for the interns) took us on a tour around the building. The vice president of the internboard - Julie - is my co-worker. And she, my supervisor - Mrs. S. - and I are sharing an office on the 11th - so top - floor. The internboard organizes lots of parties and fun stuff for the interns. So, I'm sitting right at the source of the "party information center" ;-)! And the funny thing is: Julie is also staying at Home St. Pierre. So we are going to see each other almost 24/7. But she is really really nice and I am sure we will get along perfectly.

Conference room

After the tour through the building, I got to meet Mrs. S. and all my co-workers. Just to get told from Mrs. S. that it's time to get some lunch. Mrs. S. already had an appointment with other people, so I went to the cafeteria all by myself. But I just sat next to a group of some young looking folks and soon made friends with them. Yes, it's really that easy to get to know people at the ILO ;-). After lunch and a cup of coffee with Natalia from Brazil, I had an appointment with the administration to sign my internship contract. Then the interns had coffee again - I mean we had to get to know each other after all, right?

Finally getting back to my working space - ready to get started with the "real stuff" - Mrs. S. gave me some general information about the ILO and cooperatives to read through and left. But I didn't really get to the reading, since Julie told me that the interns are meeting at 18.15 to get a drink together. Well, so this was my first day of "work".

We interns bought some beer and snacks at the supermarket, sat on a nice park right next to the lake with a perfect view on the Mont Blanc and chatted away.

My walk back home. Isn't it beautiful? Notice the Mont Blanc (well, here it's kind of pink ;-)) in the back!

Around 11 pm. I arrived at my accomondation and quickly changed rooms. I have a single room now, yey!!! And it's so nice! Look:

the view outside my window. Ok. Nothing spectacular, but it's nice 'cause no one can look into my room (the opposite windows are acutally a little lower than mine).

This morning I went shopping downtown (mostly groceries) and I just woke up from a quick afternoon nap.

As I said: life is just too good right now!

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