Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

Everybody talks about Carla (for reasons of personal rights names have been changed)

We have a girl in our section, who is unbelievably beautiful. Long wavy blond hair, blue eyes, about 1,85 m tall, infinite legs and amazing figure. And a lot of people at ILO know her and talk about her. Remarkably not only the guys, but also the girls. I have heard about this girl, still being in Germany, before I had even started my internship. Isn't that crazy?! That must be the kind of beauty that is told in fairytales as: "her beauty was know far beyond the country..." (or something like that). But I have to admit, even me as a girl looking at her can't help but stare in awe.

The funny thing is, I hear people talking about this girl - and the only information you get is, how amazing she looks. I have never heard anything about, if she is nice or if she does her work well, etc.

That made me thinking.

Girls normally tend to be obsessive with improving their looks and becoming as beautiful as possible. If you ask someone, if she wishes to become more good looking, I doubt that you can find one, who would say "no". In China, there is this saying, that beeing too beautiful only is a burden. I have never really believed in this saying. "Oh, that's only what jealous people say" - I thought. Why should there be a disadvantage to be too beautiful?!

But I kind of am a believer now. I mean, if this girl talks to you, you cannot really remember what she just said - and again, this is me saying as a girl. How bad has it have to be with guys -, 'cause her apperance captures you so much.

So listen to me girls: Let's be just happy with the way we look and thank God that he didn't make us too beautiful! ;-D Well, at least I am happy now that I just look normal.

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