Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Already 2nd week - getting used to the daily routine

So, already the 2nd week. I kind of have the feeling, I've been here forever, though. Is that a good sign? I have already submitted my first draft about companiy types in the UK to my supervisor and she seemed to be content.

Otherwise, I am slowly getting used to my daily routine. Getting up at 6 a.m., having breakfast at 7, getting on my bus at 7.30, starting work at 8.00. Having team coffee at 9 a.m. and working till lunch with friends at 12.30. Coffee again and working until 17.30 - heading back home, getting some groceries on the way and cook some dinner at 19.00. Having a shower, relaxing a bit, surfing in the internet and finally going to bed at 21.30. It's almost the same everyday. I cannot really decide, if this kind of life is just terribly boring or simply nice....

Yesterday, for example, I met with a fried from Germany, who is here for vacation right now, after work for dinner. It was very nice and I enjoyed the evening very much, but when I finally got to bed, it was already past midnight. It totally threw me off track. I was fine in the morning, but this afternoon - puhhh - I was a mess. There was no way I could concentrate on work... Fortunately I only had to do some more research, so my supervisor didn't notice my bad condition. Additionally it was raining the whole day... I am so not a rain person...

Well, since this article seems to have turned out really boring, here some nice pics from my working space:

View from my office. In the back, there is the airport an I can watch the planes fligh off almost every 10 minutes. It's kinda fun. ;-)

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