Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

Recalling the last few weeks

Well, well. Haven't written blog entries for a while. Time just flies so fast and my life just shifted from "soooo boring" to "sooo much stuff to do!". But before I start talking about my personal stress level, I wanna quickly recall my passed few weeks.

Let's see:

  • There was this one evening, where I went out with some girls from my foyer to have some dinner. Well, actually, two of us wanted dinner, the other two just wanted dessert. So, we sat down at this quite pretty looking restaurant and made the obvious decision to share meals (also to save money). Just to be told by a VERY unfriendly waitress that sharing is not allowed. How can this be?! So, I had the brilliant idea to not share a "hot brownie with icecream" but order "one brownie" and "one icecream" which in the end cost the same. End of the story: Waitress got really mad, we still had dinner, but I officially hate that place and swore to spread this story to the world, so this place will not survive this year! So don't go to the "chicken place" (I forgot the real name, but it's the only place which has chicken) at Bourg-de-Four!! We still had fun and those ugly waitresses didn't get any tip *hahaha*!
  • next, I did a fotoshooting at ILO (no nothing official).

  • I started walking to my work and back (takes about 50 min. one way)
  • I took part at a internship workshop at the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR), where I met a lot of nice interns and listened to experts all day long, how difficult it is to work for the UN (did you know that the divorce rate lies by 80 %?!).
  • There I met one Japanese intern and another Korean intern, who is actually Japanese, but only has a Korean citizenship, but no passport and... ehhhh... anyhow it was really confusing. But they are really nice and they took me to dinner with an additional Japanese intern, who was a guy before, but is now a girl.

  • Then I went to Berlin for a long weekend. And it was paradise!!! Everything sooo cheap and I met a lot of friends.

  • Back in Geneva I passed a sunflower field and found a rainbow....

  • Party!!! It was a birthday party from a Chinese girl, I didn't even know. But I was invited anyhow. But cocktails in Geneva are soooo expensive. I don't wanna pay 20 CHF for a pina colada!!!

  • On a nice Saturday afternoon, I visited the Patek Philippe museum. It is a watch and clock museum - and oh! It is soooo nice! I have to write a seperate blog on that one! So stay tuned!
  • Had some green tea and goat cheese icecream ;-) was kind of wired - it really taste like sweet goat cheese....
  • On my way home, I also went to the House Tavel, which is the oldest house still standing in Geneva. Nothing special, but its right next to my foyer and kind of nice to look at - and its entry is free.

  • Couple days later we had a UN-lunch at the World Health Organisation (WHO). It sounds pretty impressive, but its just a get together of many interns from all kinds of UN-organisations. Still nice. And the view from the WHO building is a-ma-zing! You can also see the ILO building ;-)

  • When the weather is nice, I go to the beach for a swim...

  • And the Euro is drowning, too.... It's unbelievable! 1 CHF = 0,97 Euro?!?! I mean come'on! I get paid in Euros! My savings are melting away like ice in the sun... Why now?!?!? Half a year ago the rate was 1 CHF = 0,70 Euro. So unfair....
  • Last Saturday I went to CERN. Couldn't take part at the tour (doing that this Saturday), so we just had fun at the CERN souvernier shop and on two exhibitions. But honestly, I didn't understand a word at this exhibitions. What the hell is an up- and what a downquark?! Maybe I will find out more this Saturday, so wish me luck!

  • Last Sunday, I wanted to visit many more museums, since it was the first Sunday of the month and I was told that museums are for free! So, I did my research, made a list of the most expensive museums and started walking - just to find out that all of them are private museums and therefore not free of charge.... *buuhhhhh*.
  • Oh! And since last Thursday it's fêtes des Geneve - time! That means we have a big fair around the lake with rollercoasters, drink and food stands, music, etc. The theme of this year is India. There will be a BIG firework on the 13th of August with Bollywood music in the background. Seats on my deck terrasse are already reserved! ;-)

  • *puuuhhhh* so, that's it! Can't believe I finally managed to write everything down! Last, but not least, you can have a nice laugh at me being the famous reformator Calvin:

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